Peterhead Revetment and Reclamation Area

Contract Value: £1.4m
Consulting Engineer: RPS
Engineer's Representative: Mr Diarmuid O'Loan (028 9066 7914)
Client: Boskalis Westminster Ltd
Client's Representative: Mr Ian Kessel (01489 885933)
Works Completion Date: December 2017

Scope of the Works:

Ashleigh Contracts were appointed as specialist marine Subcontractors working for Boskalis Westminster (Dredging) Ltd.

The works commenced on site in April 2017 and were completed in December 2017 and comprised:-

  • The construction of a 380m long rock armoured Revetment and perimeter containment bund formed to allow for a new 25,000m2 reclamation area.
  • The Reclamation area was infilled with dredge material won by Boskalis Westminster Ltd from their rock dredge of the inner harbour area with Phase 1 works yielding 115,000m3 of rock.
  • Ashleigh retrieved dredge material brought alongside the West Quay Jetty by Hopper Barge and, using quayside excavators dug material from the Hoppers and loaded articulated A40 Dumptrucks for onward haulage to the Reclamation Area where Ashleigh also infilled the reclamation material.
  • Ashleigh formed the Revetment bund core using dredged rock with selected dredge material processed to form an outer Underlayer prior to placing Geotextile along the slope in preparation for the protection material to the Bund.
  • Ashleigh offloaded approx. 58,000T of rock armour in the range from 3T to 10T imported from Norway and, along with locally sourced 600kg Underlayer, constructed the Rock Armoured protection to the complete length of the Reclamation area – with setting out aided by Prolec 3D GPS machine control.

Areas of Expertise