Bushmills WwTw Scour Protection

Bushmills WwTw Scour Protection

Contract Value: £29,000
Consulting Engineer: AECOM
Engineer's Representative: Mr Alan Lavery - 028 9060 7200
Client: GEDA Construction
Client's Representative: John Coalter - 028 8774 7600
Works Completion Date: April 2010

Scope of the Works:

This contract was carried out alongside GEDA’s contract for the construction of a new wastewater treatment works on the banks of the River Bush to the east of Bushmills. The new treatment facility was being constructed immediately adjacent the flood plain of the river, and we were commissioned to construct scour protection measures along a 80m  long section of river bank adjacent the facility to prevent any further deterioration of flood protection embankments. Ashleigh Contracts undertook the following elements of the Works:-  

  • Supply and place scour protection rip rap material to the riverbank of the River Bush – the Rip Rap comprised 0.5T to 1T Armour placed on the prepared riverbank with 1.5T to 2T Armour excavated and placed within a toe detail along the riverbed.
  • Placement of 1No outfall pipe through the Rip rap detail.
  • Supply and placement of Tensar Mat200 erosion control matting along a section of flood plain – including topsoiling and seeding of same in preparation for construction of a riverside footpath.

Areas of Expertise