Kilronan Harbour Development – Inishmor (Aran Islands off Galway, Ireland)

Kilronan Harbour Development – Inishmor (Aran Islands off Galway, Ireland)

Contract Value: £1.4m
Consulting Engineer: Michael Punch & Partners
Engineer's Representative: Mr David Leahey (c/o 00353 719150551)
Client: Westminster Dredging / Irish Dredging Co. Ltd
Client's Representative: Bert Pol (01489 885933)
Works Completion Date: September 2009

Scope of the Works:

This contract on the Aran Islands 7 miles offshore of the coast of Galway in Ireland involved the refurbishment, upgrading and extension to an existing Harbour facility for the island community. An existing Pier was to be refurbished and extended; dredging of rock to form a Harbour Basin and associated Navigation Channel; and an Offshore Breakwater constructed to protect the new harbour Facility. All dredged rock was brought ashore for use as infill material to the core of the Breakwater and Pier. Ashleigh Contracts undertook the following elements of the Works:-  

  • Dredging approx. 40,000m3 of pre-blasted rock and haulage to onshore stockpiles or directly into the core of the revetments forming the new Breakwater and Reclamation areas.
  • Offshore dredging approx. 2,500m3 of limestone rock broken out with an underwater rockhammer in water depths up to 9m to form the Harbour Basin.
  • Retrieval of approx. 16,000m3 of sand dredged from the harbour Basin and approach channel and brought ashore by bottom-discharge Hopper Barges. Sand uplifted and hauled into reclamation area.
  • Offloading approx. 75,000T of Underlayer and Rock Armour transported from the mainland to the island by flat-top Barges
  • Construction of new Offshore Breakwater approx. 450m in length comprising:-
    • Infilling core with dredged rock
    • Construction of Breakwater and Revetment protection comprising Underlayer and 1T to 3T Armour on seaward slopes and 0.5T Armour on Inner Slopes. Prolec PCX-3D machine control system used throughout for dredge depth control and Breakwater profiling and construction.

Areas of Expertise