NIR Sea Defences – Whitehead

NIR Sea Defences – Whitehead

Contract Value: £270,000
Consulting Engineer: Dr G Doran
Engineer's Representative: Mr Ruhl Decker (028 9038 1321)
Client: McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd
Client's Representative: John Mariner (028 9034 2777)
Works Completion Date: March 2005

Scope of the Works:

     Works Comprised:

  1. Construction of approx. 550m long Rock Armoured revetment.
  2. Approx. 10,000T of 3T to 6T Armour was transported across the railway line during overnight track possessions. The nature of the location of the works required the construction of a temporary roadway along the full length of the works prior to construction of the armoured revetment – with construction of the Revetment progressing along with removal of the temporary access roadway. The construction of the revetment was extremely tidal and had to be carried out within a window of approx. 2 Hours either side of Low Tide. 
  3. Concreting of infill to Toe of existing Revetment and miscellaneous concrete and masonry repairs.

Areas of Expertise