Portavogie Slipway Refurbishment and Effluent Collection System

Portavogie Slipway Refurbishment and Effluent Collection System

Contract Value: £97,000
Consulting Engineer: Doran Consulting
Engineer's Representative: Campbell Davis (028 9038 1321)
Client: N.I. Fishery Harbour Authority
Client's Representative: David Lindsay (028 4461 3844)
Works Completion Date: December 2005

Scope of the Works:

Works Comprised:

  1. Needle gunning, realignment and securing of the 4No existing crane rails along the length of the existing slipway. Realignment required to ensure the smooth running of a boat cradle used by N.I.F.H.A to “slip” large vessels up to 400T in weight.
  2. Powerwashing and scabbling the top surface of the existing concrete slipway between MHWS and MLWS (Approx. 62m length) and placing a 150mm deep concrete slab over the existing to encase the existing rails. These works had to be carried out during a series of spring tides and involved double-shifting the working times.
  3. Construction of a collection drain across the width of the slipway and installation of an Oil-Water separator.
  4. Installation of a discharge drain approx. 70m in length in depths up to 3m to an existing “Wet Well”.

Areas of Expertise