Stena Loch Ryan Port Development, Scotland

Stena Loch Ryan Port Development, Scotland

Contract Value: £1,500,000
Consulting Engineer: RPS
Engineer's Representative: Adam Holland - 028 9066 7914
Client: McLaughlin & Harvey
Client's Representative: John Glass - 028 9034 2777
Works Completion Date: September 2011

Scope of the Works:

McLaughlin & Harvey constructed a new £40million Stena Loch Ryan Port Development near Cairnryan in south-west Scotland.  

Works Comprised:-

  • The construction of approx. 900m of coastal protection Revetments associated with the reclamation of new ground and raising of existing levels to create the new Port Development site.
  • The Revetments comprised seaward slopes varying between 1:1.5 and 1:3 protected with approx. 90,000T of primary Rock Armour graded in 1T to 3T or 2T to 4T zones depending on the degree of exposure of the slopes.
  • Ashleigh Contracts also undertook dredging of approx. 25,000m3 of material for the toe detail of the Revetment Roundheads and for the scour protection areas extending to approx. 6,250m2 across the inner berth areas for the main Ro Ro Berth and Layby berth. Dredge material where suitable for reclamation material was brought ashore, but approx. 13,000m3 of material was loaded onto split-hopper Barges for disposal at sea.
  • Scour protection of the two berths required dredging down to -10.2m CD before infilling the areas with 1m depth of Underlayer and a single layer of 0.5T to 1T Armour. All Underlayer and Armour was placed using a 25m long reach excavator (75T) working from our spudleg Barge.

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