Tall Ships Pontoon Installation, Belfast

Tall Ships Pontoon Installation, Belfast

Contract Value: £215,000
Consulting Engineer: -
Engineer's Representative: -
Client: Walcon Marine Ltd
Client's Representative: John Donald (01489 579977)
Works Completion Date: July 2009

Scope of the Works:

Installation of the pontoon locating piles:-

    • AbercornBasin:-
      • 4No Dia. 610mm x t=16mm @ 18m long
    • Alexandra Dock:-
      • 2No Dia. 473mm x t=16mm @ 18m long

Piles were all installed from floating plant with piles being driven by crane suspended vibrating piling  hammer.

Installation of 26No 10T precast concrete Anchor Blocks on the seabed along with Dia. 25mm and Dia. 32mm chains @ 30m long for connection to Walcon Mooring pontoons

Areas of Expertise