West Rhyl Flood Defence Works

West Rhyl Flood Defence Works

Contract Value: £600,000
Consulting Engineer: Martin Wright Associates
Engineer's Representative: Mr Dylan Jones (01224 677656)
Client: Galliford Try
Client's Representative: Colin Abbott (01925 822821)
Works Completion Date: March 2012

Scope of the Works:

Galliford Try were awarded the £8 million contract to upgrade the flood defences for the western side of the town of Rhyl. The project was designed to reduce the flood risk and protect more than 2,000 residential and 500 commercial premises against a 1:200 year storm event.

Ashleigh Contracts commenced work on site at Rhyl in July 2011 with responsibility for the following aspects of the works:-

- Reconstruction of the 800m long Training Wall that guides the flow of the River Clwyd. This involves the excavation either side of the existing sheet piles wall and placement of geotextile, anti scour stone and 4T to 9T Armour to form a crest over the existing structure. There are high construction risks associated with this element of the works given that it is entirely within the tidal range which varies up to 6.5m between MLWS and MHWS – and thus the working window along the Training Wall is limited to 2 hours either side of low tide. Both low tides within each 24 hour tidal cycle were worked to successfully complete the reconstruction of the Training all by December 2011 – with approx. 30,000T of rock armour placed.

- Construction of the rock armoured revetment along the 250m long Outer Harbour which comprised placement of 28,000T of 3T to 6T armour between the existing promenade wall and a new sheet piled toe. Completion of armour placement at the upper levels will require placement of armour against precast recurve wall units along the length of the Outer Harbour.

- Excavation of silt, placement and compaction of approx. 3,500m3 of mass concrete infill along the Inner Harbour between the existing promenade wall and a new sheet piled wall. Infilling of 6N was also carried out in preparation for placement of precast concrete recurve wall units.

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