Contract Award - Fraserburgh North Harbour Deepening

Contract Award - Fraserburgh North Harbour Deepening

Ashleigh Contracts are currently undertaking the rock dredging of the North Harbour Deepening works at Fraserburgh Harbour for McLaughlin & Harvey.

The subcontract works comprises the following:-

-          Dredging of approx. 11,000m3 of rock down to -4.7m CD within the North Harbour Basin and approach cannel.

-          Construction of a rock armoured Revetment below a new suspended quay along the west side of the Harbour.

Rock dredging has comprised the underwater breaking using hydraulic hammers to remove rock of strengths up to 160N/mm2 with all rock being brought ashore and transported to a storage area approx. 3 miles from the Harbour.

Long reach machines (up to 95T) using underwater rockbreakers have been utilised to break out the rock to facilitate dredge depth attainment and to allow for the construction of deepened quay wall strengthening works around the 450 linear m of perimeter quay wall. The rockbreaking has been undertaken both working off a spudleg barge and from the quayside. Drilling and blasting was not permitted due to the state of repair of the existing quay walls and with the high strength rock encountered, this has added significantly to the degree of difficulty in the rock removal on this project.

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