Contract Award - Sumburgh East Runway Revetment Works, Shetland

Contract Award - Sumburgh East Runway Revetment Works, Shetland

Ashleigh Contracts secured a major Revetment project with McLaughlin & Harvey at Sumburgh Airport on Shetland which commenced in July 2013.

Ashleigh Contracts were appointed as the specialist marine contractor for this project to undertake the overlaying of the existing rock Revetment profiles and construct a new X Bloc Revetment with the detailed works to comprise:-

- Underwater rockbreaking of approx. 1,800m3 to form a Toe trench up to 2m deep around the perimeter of the new Revetment and to levels as deep as -12.8m CD.

- Placement of 14T precast concrete X Base Units into the Toe trench and 14T X Bloc Units on the lower slopes of the new Revetment.

- Construction of a rock armoured Toe Mound to secure the base of the X Bloc Revetment by placement of 10T to 12T Armour stones to a radius of up to 23m of the machine.

- Placement of 14T X Blocs to the final crest height of +6m CD and place crest armour stones in the range 18T to 27T

- Miscellaneous site demolition and earthworks to provide for the upgrading of perimeter filling and pilecap construction works.     

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