New Stena Loch Ryan Port (Stena Article 2011)

New Stena Loch Ryan Port (Stena Article 2011)

Ashleigh Contracts undertook all the Rock Armoured Revetment construction protecting the recalimed land associated with the new Stena Loch Ryan Port which was completed in late 2011.

The Revetment works comprised the construction of the core perimeter bund and rock armouring to same with armour up to 4T along a length of approx. 1.25km of shoreline bounding the new Port Development.

In addition, Ashleigh Contracts undertook the scour protection works from floating plant which comprised approx. 15,000m3 of dredging works and placement of approx. 12,500m3 rock armour over on the seabed in front of each new Berth.




some dredging

Additional Information:
Stena Loch Ryan Port article (June 2011)

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